Stop Googling ‘miami inmate’

Project Advertisements

Advertisements for our project say Stop Googling ‘miami inmate.’ Other advertisement say: Don’t Google ‘miami inmate.’  These billboard, bus shelter and bench ads are installed throughout Miami.

The ads are an extension of our initiative to replace the predictive text that Google offers for the search phrase “miami inmate.” Using the power of volunteer participation and synchronized, strategic internet searching we have manipulated the Google trend algorithm so that poetry written by incarcerated individuals is offered within search engine autocompletes.

The language of the advertisements is designed to highlight the semantic choices we make when discussing incarcerated individuals. Often we use labels—such as “inmate”—to classify and stigmatize those behind bars. Our project replaces these labels with new metaphors.

Watch the video below to see the change in action or check out more documentation of the project at work. To get involved, please see our How to Help page.


Images of the Ads

Miami Herald (print)

Miami Herald (digital)