Eduardo Martinez


It’s a prisoner’s game, bringing bits and images of freedom back to our cells.

Like a lost love’s fragrance, that good memory smell.

or the lipstick printed kiss on an ex’s ol’piece of mail.

I often wonder, if I fell or I failed.

between heaven and earth, you’ll catch plenty of Hell.

Blinded by bezels Ms. Jezebel embezzled.

Oh well, I bought it all wholesale then sold it to the pure at retail.

you can sell the vice or the cure especially when there’s more churches than department stores.

You can cop false gods on any floor for the right discounted price that is…

Life will transform from lady to whore.

And I’m sure, I could leave the game alone and just keep the score.

Although, there’s no all-star awards for those that are poor.

No free throws, just uncalled fouls and techs.

Nevertheless, there’s ambition sweating out my pores

Therefore, I only sweat when I ball but my left hand is sore.

So I gotta switch to the righteous, dialing heaven, hoping they accept collect calls.

cause love don’t visit me no more, but drugs do so what would Jesus do?

Would he click, pass or puff just like one of us?

Or would he condemn me and judge me for not trusting enough?

Lord it gets rough, out of reach out of touch

Looking for your footprints at the beach lately my faith has been based on hope not belief.

I can’t even find relief in my sleep.

I’m losing my dreams of release.

My pride’s getting harder to keep.

So I’m thinking, maybe, being meek is for the weak.

I’ve been observing a world without peace.

While pieces of other cultures are shutting down, America’s vultures hover around

befriending other countries with intentions of tearing them down.

It’s a disgrace, how they invade another nation’s sacred ground and space.

It’s only a matter of time before God reminds mankind to stay in its place.

There’s a reason why they’re building stations in space.

Our own government it’s our enemy of state.

Politicians are the theorized evolutionary apes.

They make, and we break..

We shake, and they take.

They fish with our bait and leave dry bones on our plates

These prison cells are like crates.

And these four walls are not fake.

So what will it take?

To break this hold and let go, I’ve been gone for so long

that I get stuck in this zone, a castaway like “Tom Hanks,” hollerin’ “Mr. Wilson?”

a product of being alone.

A figment of imagination, that’s what happens when you’re so far from home.

Until, you forget what home is, so you slip and start callin’ your cell block your crib.

It might as well be a daycare, cause there’s so many young kids doing bids.

And in their minds it just is what it is.

But that’s what’s expected when you sit their hearts in a fridge.

Society so sensitive, I’m like damn, can I live?

I’m captioned and captive, you can make retro kicks.

But new laws non-retro active.

And it’s hard to sympathize with my side.

Because I collide with the nation’s capital that captivates to capitalize.

It’s sick, when their own patriots get patronized, and the humble are antagonized.

That’s just the small size of it because it’s much bigger than me.

The military is overseas over seeing on foreign countries.

Playing peace treaty, when their hidden agenda is greed.

Draftin young soldiers, making them killing machines.

Then watching them all fall like dead autumn leaves.

Some suffer P.T.S.D.

Some lose limbs like trees.

Ceremonies and metals mean nothing to the families of a triple amputee.

What’s the basis of handing me a rifle and suitin me up in fatigues.

Sending me off to war and telling me be all that I can be.

I’m fighting my own war just trying to be free.

Yet, you won’t vote for me.

but you’ll sign off on abortion and agree with the gay community.

Global gun control, mind control, birth control, it’s all senseless if you ask me.

Unless you check the census.

Cause prisons aren’t the only places that are over populated.

Fences keep me in but keep immigrants out.

When they’re the ones who provide corporate America and put food in their mouths.

Plus it’s degrading how all this racism stuff is still alive down south,

it’s pathetic and I think we all need repentance.

And without a doubt, I believe one day we will all get out.

You gotta expect it.

It’s only right.

I serve you these life sentences.