How Can I Help?

The View-Through project needs your help! Our ambitious goals can only be realized through public participation.
Can we count on you? There are several ways to get involved:

1. Do a search right now!

Google each of the six poems below and make sure to click on at least one resulting link for each:

Miami inmates are sunbathing underwater
Miami inmates are what becomes of the chicken before I fry it up
Miami inmates are a device used to tell time
Miami inmates are light of the world, bone of men
Miami inmates are items of furniture for frightened people to lie down and rest upon
Miami inmates are believing in the unseen

We hope to publish these poems, written by students in Miami-area detention centers, within the autocompletes that Google offers for the phrase “Miami inmate.” We accomplish this by organizing many people to perform identical searches. This increase in activity is recognized by Google as a search trend, and the search engine adjusts its search predictions accordingly. Re-do the searches daily if you can, on multiple devices, for maximum impact.

2. Post a poem. Or several.

Remapping search engines to more prominently feature our poetry also requires that the poems are spread far and wide across the web. To help in this effort, post any or all of the poems listed above on your website, blog or social media account with the hashtag #ViewThroughMiami. A direct link to each poem, along with the writer’s name, can be found here.

3. Spread the word!

Direct friends and family to this page or encourage them to join in the search effort.

4. Support our partners

There are so many wonderful organizations in the Miami area committed to social justice within the criminal justice field. We’ve partnered with several for this project. Please consider supporting them through volunteer opportunities, community engagement or donations.