Luis Hernandez

The Loner

I’m drowning,

I feel like someone invisible is pulling me down,

He’s stronger than I am.

Who dropped me in here?

Who threw me in?

How did I get here?

I’m in the middle of nowhere

Who knows where I’m at. Where is everyone?

Nobody sees me, I’m going down.

I see all kinds of people passing me by.

I feel frozen my whole being is tired.

I try to speak but only a low yelp or whimper comes out.

Will I be missed or will they not know I existed?

I can’t stay afloat much longer.

Nobody knows me or understands me.

I barely speak, yes and no are my words.

I won’t give more than that.

Listen to who or what

I didn’t have time for anyone but myself.

All I cared about was me.

I never helped anyone,

why should someone help me.

I want to ask but who can I ask

if I didn’t speak to somebody