Miami inmates are the way an idea comes about

Joevita Staley

Miami inmates are directed mental energy

Damien McTeague

Miami inmates believe that you are honest

Arleen Harris

Miami inmates are four sentences forming a paragraph, or an object

Corey J Still

Miami inmates are going to get better

Joshua Daniels

Miami inmates are: the ceasing of existence, the passing of a life

Israel Martinez

Miami inmates are a group of people in study

Kino Bartholomew

Miami inmates come in different sizes to keep safe or locked away

Gloria Viruet

Miami inmates are a domestic pet

Mike Marshall

Miami inmates… want and desire

Mr. James Mayfield

Miami inmates are a new book to read, for a deeper awareness

Luis Hernandez

Miami inmates are a hypothetical conclusion or analysis of a problem or circumstance

Carlos Paz

Los presos de Miami viven constantemente en el peligro

Manuel Castillo

Miami inmates are unnecessary teaching methods

Jimmy Murdock

Miami inmates are to be looked at differently

Louicious Kandi

Miami inmates are a vehicle that carries people to and from a destination

Army Sgt. Harold Marr

Miami inmates are the essence from which the soul incarnates

Michael Hernandez

Miami inmates are a place to live and have a family


Miami inmates are…the sinking feeling that everything you’ve ever known is wrong


Miami inmates are brightness that gives of an illumination

Parnell Smith

Miami inmates are dreaming of boat rides

Robert Cope

Miami inmates make factual statements

Scott Hartman

Miami inmates are…to dislike

Elliot Ross

Miami inmates are the weighing of the truth

David Hackett

Miami inmates are the real person inside of you that never dies! Not all that chatter in your mind


Miami inmates are a feeling that develops due to conditioning caused by ongoing events

David Rice

Miami inmates are looking for love in all the wrong places

Robert Cope

Miami inmates are an opening on a fence, being focused on your surrounding

Willie Collins

Miami inmates are an expression of assuming, not sure of

Kamal Williams

Miami inmates are, a spiritual being; usually a messenger

Sean Grealy